I don't tell folk tales, nor will you find me relating stories by the brothers Grimm. What you will find is a collection of personal narratives from a good ol' boy who grew up in a small farming community in the flatlands of Ohio. There's not one thing you'll find in the stories that you couldn't say in church, but the themes and situations are geared toward more adult audiences (usually age 13 and older).


Remember back to the trials and tribulations of your youth? High School provided alternating moments of great extasy and bitter sorrow. Even family interactions furnished moments of insight, growth, comedy, and sometimes tragedy. I believe you'll recognize parallels to your own life experiences as you listen to my past and present life experiences.


I've certainly never been accused of maturity in any sense of the word. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a journey through the eyes of an "old as dirt" teenager!

Here's the way I see it . . . . Growing up Appalachian, I assumed everyone could tell a story. No family gathering was complete without our entire family sitting around the kitchen table "shooting the breeze." Allow me to share this family tradition with you, your family, or your organization. You know we'll have a good ol' time.

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